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[Fandom] Fandom, do we have to learn the same lessons again and again? 
14th-Jun-2010 05:49 pm
CrazyGayBatman--THE JACK
Like C, I'm just going to link again to hesychasm's post from 2007 on how appropriating tragedy is hurtful and harmful.

Look, I understand that sometimes, problematic ideas take root in our brains and won't get out. That maybe we watch Anderson Cooper in Haiti for a few too many hours, and start to picture the characters we write in his position (leaving aside, for the moment, that Anderson Cooper is not unproblematic, because that's a separate conversation, though related, on TV news media framing issues). But for the love of all that is good and holy, if you're using something like the earthquake that devastated Haiti as a backdrop for your characters' romance, think for a minute about what that says and how it trivializes it. Think about it. Take a step back. Go re-read what was linked above. Then think about it again. Ask yourself questions about why you're even thinking about doing this.

And if you absolutely insist on writing it, no matter that you're appropriating someone else's fresh grief, could you at least have the decency to keep it private?

I don't run exchanges or big bangs or ficathons. Tell you what though, if I did, I'd make a rule against shit like this.

ETA link round up link -

And now that I have looked at select quotes from the J2 Big Bang in question, how did no one involved see the HUGE RACIST TROPES STARING THEM IN THE FACE?????
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