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6th-Jun-2020 10:21 pm - [Admin] Master Fic Pointer List
Jaye YAY
Fic from before 2005:

Fic from 2005 can be navigated to by my Dreamwidth tags (I had started to do this for earlier stories, but stopped when I realized a: anything before 2005 is at Recalibration; and b: I cannot remember when I stopped using this journal for workshopping thing), which are nested for your pleasure. Unlabelled content rated PG or below should be benign, labelled content or content rated PG-13 and up may contain dragons of the non-literal sort.

(So, a Supernatural story featuring Sam and Ruby would be fic:supernatural:het:sam/ruby.)

Yuletide Stories (possibly not crossposted): (Harold and Kumar) (Arrested Development) (Dark Angel)

Stories I don't think I ever crossposted to my journal: (Gunn/Wes) (Cordelia/Anya)

Stories and snippets from this year's Porn Battle
Gladiator, Dark Angel, Alec/Normal, sides, fantasy

Hidden Depths, Batman, Alfred/Lucius, dedication

Stories written for Remixes:
22nd-Jan-2015 02:56 pm - [Meme] Three lines, three WIPs
Jaye YAY
From [personal profile] gwyn , When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs. 
Some more in progress than others. Not including things not actually typed yet.

  • She pulls out the flat iron and hands it to Steve so she can more easily get to the cash hidden in the bottom. "Careful with that. It's weaponized. Stark technology." Natasha says, poker faced.
  • Somewhere around the sixth time Peter "accidentally" walks in on them, pretending he's looking for something he'd forgotten to grab (eyes never actually scoping out any part of the room other than where they are, always blindly grabbing something after a minute and leaving flush-faced and heavy-eyed), Amy and Charley decide they might want to set some ground rules.
  • A missed spot of blood was crusted behind his left ear, next to his hairline. Cassie licked her thumb and wiped it off, causing him to open his eyes slightly and stare at her. "That's gross," he muttered, batting her hand away.
21st-Jan-2015 01:31 am - [Writing] 9100 words total.
Jaye YAY
So this has more than doubled on me.

Apparently the initial 4000 words were a rough draft. Have I mentioned how weird this is for me these days?

Yeah. Only stopping now because sleep. Also, a good stopping point, so hey.
20th-Jan-2015 05:03 pm - [Writing] Make that 3000 more words
Jaye YAY
Even with a break for an appointment in the middle of my day. And stupid needing to research stuff. That too.

It feels weird, this writing thing.
20th-Jan-2015 08:59 am - [Writing] OK, brain, the hell?
Jaye YAY
Thought yesterday, "Oh, I'll clean this 4k ficlet up a bit, flesh it out some, and stick it on AO3."

I am not sure how this has turned into an additional 2000 or so words thus far. Gonna blame Written? Kitten!
19th-Jan-2015 11:53 am - [Random] *glowers at former employer*
Jaye YAY
Srsly? Blocking incoming mail from Dreamwidth? Seriously? Again?

Eff that. (Have just signed up for a Yandex mail, which, shockingly, gets my notifications. HA! Take that, Evil Empire!)
Jaye YAY
Make this coffee work, universe. Make this coffee work.

Yes, it was my own fault for being up until after 4am. And then getting up before 10.

I tried to get up at 8, but realized I couldn't actually read. Well, retain what I read. I was staring blankly at for a while before I closed the laptop again and went back to sleep. I can read now, so I figure I'm awake.

Rest of y'all More Joy Dayers: OK, got sidetracked by that one. Gonna work on the others after I'm slightly closer to human.
Jaye YAY
And now it's 4am and according to Written? Kitten! 4240 words. For [personal profile] musesfool , from her prompt for Push, Nick/Cassie, ginger ale and saltines. Note: this was supposed to be, what, a couple of hundred words, tops? I have no fucking clue what happened. None at all. So. Hey. Anyway. Contains sex, age differences, mentions of death and violence, and the bulk of my Sunday evening. (OK, 4248 on a quick re-read and continuity edit. Please don't grow much more when I actually clean you up, story.)

I don't even knowCollapse )

Jaye YAY
Apologies for the delay--I've got a houseguest.

(So many nifty prompts! So little time!)

I figure, eh, I'm just going to call it More Joy Week or something now.
16th-Jan-2015 12:39 pm - [Agent Carter] 1x03, Time and Tide
Jaye YAY
OK, second viewing complete, thoughts below.

spoilers belowCollapse )
Jaye YAY
So, it's More Joy Day again.

Because it is MJD, and because I've had one hell of a shitstorm of a week, I'd like to offer up my services to write a sentence or two for you, if you give me a character(s), a fandom, and a vague direction. (Say, for example, "John, Farscape, cheese.")

Brain pretty MCU-filled these days, but the Buffyverse, Dark Angel, early SPN, and anything you've head me blather about over the years is probably fine. Can't guarantee it'd be done today, but I can aim for By Saturday.
13th-Jan-2015 09:50 pm - [Personal] Yeah, still always sudden.
Jaye YAY
As I alluded to in the previous post, late last night my primary online community since 2002 got the news that one of our core people, the person who in many ways is the reason we even have that community (from a literal coding standpoint), died unexpectedly.

I spent most of last night numb, after I stopped shaking, part of this morning crying, and a lot of the day mourning with friends or trying to distact myself. I imagine this is going to be the pattern for a while. So you can consider yourself warned if I start spamming your feed.

I don't know. I've got nothing. Typed the words not fair way too often today. But it's not. Fair, that is.

Just... I appreciate you guys, you know? I should probably say that more often. Way more often, so it sinks in and I selfishly know you know it.

So, yeah. I appreciate you. I like having you in my life. And thanks, for existing, for being, for everything.
Jaye YAY
The thing I've been waiting for, it is here!

Read more...Collapse )
1st-Jan-2015 01:00 pm - [Selfie] Farewell, ridiculous show.
Jaye YAY
I just watched the final three episodes of Selfie, having put it off until I had a critical mass of unwatched episodes so I could do a final binge viewing, and wow.

So many feels. Hashtag don't go.

Oh, show.

You were just too oddball for this world, and I loved you for it.

There will be a rewatch soon, oh yes.
31st-Dec-2014 06:02 pm - [Yuletide] Reveal time!
Jaye YAY
So, I totally made private my writer whining post from post-opening, but as you guys may remember, I basically picked a shit time to come down with what was, fine, probably the flu that is apparently epidemic.

Which means that the bulk of the time I'd scheduled to do my Yuletide writing happened to coincide with me being feverish, miserable, and hopped up on hot toddies or cold meds, depending on my level of motivation. Note: while this is not always contraindicated (I have this one Spike/Wesley story that I only know that I was the one who wrote it because that was when my drafts were handwritten and I had evidence in my own handwriting that I'd done it. I apparently wrote it, typed it, and posted it all while under the influence of massive amounts of NyQuil. I don't remember writing it, which is probably why I enjoyed reading it, so hey.), I'm going to go with "this is usually contraindicated when writing towards a deadline."

The upshot of this is that my story contained about half of what I wanted it to contain. I have notes! I rewatched the movie and took notes! Some of them have nothing to do with Yuletide, for the record. Those notes are basically just viewing notes to be used next time I watch it, should I feel like pretending I'm still an undergraduate dabbling in media crap (something I haven't been for a very long time, let us be real).

Others were actually intended to be part of the story. Hell, there are whole paragraphs of dialogue that I just failed to insert into the thing, and it wound up being more character study/slice of ick than an actual story.

Wow, I'm totally burying this reveal underneath a wall of text.

Anyhow, I wrote A Little Farther Down the Line, a Snowpiercer story for [Unknown LJ tag]

I feel like I should apologize for the title. For reasons.

Especially because, hot damn, I keep on getting a massive Johnny Cash earworm as a result. 

But, you know. I also kind of feel like the title is HILARIOUS, damn it. 

Because trains.
Jaye YAY
I wrote a lot this year, and posted almost none of it. On the plus side, I've been more active over here than I have in ages, and have met new and exciting people who make me smile, so hey!

I started 2014 employed in a high-stress job for a company everyone has heard of, and end it unemployed due to a giant and apparently random restructuring. I did have a few good months at the start of the year re: the job, where I was enjoying what I was doing, was constantly getting great feedback, and basically eased up on the whole, "I need to gnaw off my own arm if that's what it takes to get me out of here!" thing that had been going on since late 2012.

Except for the lack of income, I'm enjoying this unemployment thing. Sadly, I do need to find a job as soon as possible, seeing as I'm a little over halfway through my unemployment benefits. I've had a few interviews, but nothing's come of any of them. It's tricky, because I'm mid-level, and I'm finding that there's not a hell of a lot out there in that range, plus when you express interest in a job that's a step back in terms of seniority, but allows a move into a different part of your field, it turns out no one believes you when you say, hey, yes, I will take a HUGE pay cut to do this!

Bah, humbug, and all.

This year I listened to a LOT of Big Finish Audio, which is on hold until I am employed again, but made my horrible commute less horrible.

I went to the movie theatre more times this year than I think I've gone in the last 20 combined, but only saw five movies. It's possible that I went and saw Captain America: the Winter Solider on a regular basis from April to September, when it finally left the second run theatres. And by possible, I mean that's totally what happened.

I've basically stopped watching TV, except for sitcoms. If I have time to watch an hour-long drama, I figure, I have time to watch a movie.

You'd think, what with me being home all day, I'd watch more stuff, but it turns out that this is not the case.

  • If I count Tumblr fic, I wrote and posted three whole things this year. I keep meaning to clean up that Nick Fury Clones thing and put it on AO3.
  • This is the same number of things I wrote and posted last year, but last year, all three stories were for Yuletide.
  • This year, only a third of my actual output was Yuletide!
  • Two thirds did involve challenges, however.
  • I had really hoped to have the Natasha story finished and posted by the end of the year. This is clearly not happening. It turns out that it is impossible to write when the kid and spouse are all here.
  • The Sherlock Mary POV story was so early in the year that I sort of forgot all about it.
  • So only half my output was challenges!
  • Totally assembled an awesome cosplay for The Moment (Day of the Doctor). Have yet to wear it, however, because Geek Girl Con was all about the kid's cosplay.
  • Went a little overboard assembling kid's Winter Solider cosplay outfit, the photo of which is, at 16k+ notes, by far my most popular post on Tumblr.
  • Totally wore the Clara Oswald Day of the Doctor cosplay stuff all the time as part of a Stealth Cosplay Effort.
  • Did a quick-and-dirty Undercover Winter Solider Natasha thing at Geek Girl Con.
  • Have been doing wet sets on my hair on a regular basis so I can do a Peggy Carter cosplay thing.
  • Almost every shoe purchase this year has been cosplay related.
  • I have so many shoes.
  • Have about 2/3s of a femme Fourth Doctor costume. Got the jacket, need to dye it, however, and need to finish the scarf. Which I started in March or April. I don't work on it that often.
  • Managed to do no Donna cosplay this year. Donna Noble's been my default for ages. Can't think of something to do? Throw on the Donna stuff!
Other crap:
  • Fandoms I have slipped away from this year:
    • Sherlock, where I wrote lots of drawerfic, a Tumblr thing or two, and a couple quick meme fills. It was a good run, but the fandom itself got to be exhausting. The antifandom was/is possibly more exhausting (especially because, holy crap, out of context theatre where you want to correct people because you KNOW the context of interview statements from when they came out, but you don't want to get involved in the game of Tumblr telephone). So, generally, not all that much of a place I feel a need to be right now. There are still about three stories I'm reading. Nothing new, though.
    • Supernatural: I got behind, stopped watching. Talk about a good run, though. 2006 is when I started with it, and man, I had some good times, even though I think I last wrote in it in S5 or so. I will probably watch the rest of it at some point.
    • Sleepy Hollow: just wasn't working for me in S2.
  • Fandoms I accidentally the thing with this year:
    • MCU. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! See, OK, I was SERIOUSLY excited about CA:TWS, because the two characters I love most in the MCU are Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff. I just... don't see them the same way that most pre-CA:TWS fic did, Steve/Tony makes me cringe, and basically, I'd only read a handful of things, mostly because group sex fic where The Hulk and Thor are getting it on cracks me up for no good reason. But CA:TWS basically hit all my buttons, found new buttons, and suddenly enough people were writing stuff I was interested in for me to go, OK, hell yes!
    • Push. Nope, I had no plans to be fannish about that. And then I spent about a week doing nothing but reading ALL the Nick/Cassie, including the stuff written in languages that were not English (I know enough French to read shampoo bottles and to augment the Google Translate experience). And then re-reading it.
    • Marvel 616. Which, OK, I've dabbled with off and on, but really only for Jessica Drew, who has been my One True Character since the 1970s.
    • Selfie. *SOBS* All three of us in that fandom are now sad.

So this is the year that was. Next year, I hope to actually finish the Nat story, and then maybe work on some of the other random snippets of Cap stuff I have floating around, though those appear to be mostly snippets about the perfection of Sam Wilson's ass, so there's not a lot of there there. 
26th-Dec-2014 03:01 pm - [Yuletide] Link to my recs, yes
Jaye YAY
 All my Yuletide 2014 recs will appear at this link, and have been added to the Yuletide Recs collection, as is right and proper.

I'll maybe try to do a recs post, later, when I've read more stuff. 

Stuff written for me generally doesn't hit my recs list at first, so if Nonny Writers are lurking, don't worry! I just generally keep it to Not For Me until I've hit a critical mass or something. I have logic. I swear. It makes sense. Honest.

(I could explain, but I'm on my way out the door.)
Jaye YAY
So, a second FFA story appeared in Madness. The Epithets.

The metatextual aspect of all this just slays me. The fandom in general, that is. As a fandom.
25th-Dec-2014 03:44 pm - [Fandom] to-do
Jaye YAY
Move all the Dark Angel into AO3.

Then move the other shit, too!

25th-Dec-2014 12:31 am - [Yuletide] Ooo!
Jaye YAY
So, I can't actually read much tonight, and am just opening the tabs for the fandoms I want to read first (thus far, outside of my own, I've read one Ms Marvel, and the single Bottom story in the whole collection), but KEEN KEEN KEEN, there are FOUR stories for Push.

AKA, that one fandom where I may have actually got to the point where I was sending French stories through Google translate, because there's not that much, and I was *really* craving it.

(Sometimes, when I say I've read everything I can find that hits my particular needs in a fandom, I'm very, very serious.)

Only two Black Books this year, and two IT Crowd. Three for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Kings peeps, you've got a fair number. Think it was 11.



Only way it could have been better would have been if it had been exceedingly explicit slash. But that's just 'cause I'd totally read it out loud to my friend Pete, even if I had to memorize the damn thing.

Of course, that's done it, and now I have a horrible, horrible, smellovision flash of the lads performing oral on each other. Which...


Just trust me when I say that it's the least erotic thing ever.
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